My songwriting philosophy is simple: a song succeeds when it has both tension and hope. Working in an eclectic mix of genres, from my foundation in bluegrass and folk to related traditions in R&B and classic rock, I write and sing in a style that express both the grittiness of the world and the clarity we find when we take the time to process and reflect. 

In my writing, I use truth-telling as a technique to explore the value of connection, relationship, and self-knowledge—honoring the difficulties therein and celebrating what’s working. My lyrics frequently explore personal memory as a tool for forward motion in a wider public sense, inviting listeners to connect with an emotional reality, to feel anchored for a few minutes when the world feels distressing, and to look generously at one another. 

I believe in music’s power to evoke empathy and encourage understanding, and I aim for people listening to my music to feel both soothed and moved toward honest reflection on their place in the world.